Thanks for the great job! We were very pleased!   –from the Gladdings

Thanks for your patience and good work.   –Donna Campbell

campbell job

Thank you! The pond looks wonderful! It is good to have it back like new. Ron was very helpful!   –Twila Brenneman

It was very nice to have the grill done for Wednesday eve. It worked very well. So light and easy to move while using. Thanks for putting up with us while working here. You all did a great job. We are so glad it’s finished. Now we can use and enjoy it!   -Sarah

Dear Elroy,

Your expansive knowledge, honesty, and having the gift to be able to give an unbiased opinion helped us immensely. In that regard, we placed total trust in you. Thank you. Lunch at Anna-Mae’s was a welcome rest following our long journey. It also afforded opportunity for all to get to know each other a little more. Pie and Nanaimo bars for us to bring with us to share with our children! You provided a day that we will not soon forget. The tough “decision-making” was made really quite simple with regard to stone choice and application due to honest dialoging. We retired last evening giving even greater glory to our Maker!


Raphael & Paula Ann

paulas dream blend house

Thanks for a great job done! Save me some time in 2014, and I will try to have you do about the same amount. Three great workman and a job well done! Thanks!   -Muriel Taylor

Thanks guys! Awesome job and appreciate it very much! Now we need to book time for the front! Thanks again!   -Ray & Shelley

Elroy, work is progressing again on the masonry and I just wanted to take a moment to say thanks. The stone looks really beautiful and everyone who comes around comments on it as being truly outstanding. I couldn’t be happier with our choice of stone for our home. The vanity stone looks wonderful as well, can’t wait to see the veneer installed next to it as well as the backsplash. Here are a couple of pictures. Your sales rep called me and will pick up his samples on Tuesday. Thanks again Elroy! God bless you and your family.    Lisa

granite drystack blend 1

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