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Tumbled Stone (New Products – New Look)


elite blue granite tumbled house ledgerock

     It’s misleading to say Elroy Wagler is carving out a niche in the landscaping and building supplies trade. More like tumbling.

The owner of Colonial Brick & Stone and Elroy Wagler Masonry in Brunner has developed a new product that’s catching on with homeowners who like a weathered or water-worn look for their patios, garden paths, driveways, retaining walls, and houses. He takes limestone and sandstone and through a special process they have developed and copyrighted, takes the sharp edges off the stones, leaving them more rounded, chipped, and rustic looking. “What people really like about the tumbled stone, the day you lay it looks like its been there for 100 years,” Mr. Wagler said.

The tumbled products are helping both sides of the business prosper like never before the owner said. Mr. Wagler said he noticed the weathered or warn look catching on in landscaping and house building.

At the time, the pave stones and building blocks were made of molded concrete, which meant they looked the same. A U.S. company then offered a weathered natural stone product, but again, its artificial aging process made them all look the same, said Elroy who imported the stones and found they were too pricey for the marketplace. So he went to work on his tumbling process, working by trial and error and marketing the stones. “I was convinced it was going to take off,” he said, citing the reaction he would get from his landscaping materials customers.

“The new products have really helped because that’s led to more installation work for us as well,” he said. “We’re getting know all over for our tumbled products.”

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